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***$27 per month for $81 worth of printables content?***

$27 per month for $81 worth of printables content?

Including private label rights!

How quickly could you grow your customer engagement, storefront, email list and sales totals if you had access to a ridiculous amount of editable, sellable content for an even crazier price? 

Even better, what if you could create sales funnels from free opt-in incentives to fun tripwire products? 

This CRAZY deal is only open for 7 days.

closes forever february 2023. 

If for any reason, at any time, you wish to cancel your membership you may... from inside your own PayPal account, or contact us with the request.

But, why would you cancel when you get this ridiculous value? 
Also, canceling will cause you to lose access immediately, and joining in the future will cost more. 


Private label rights content, also called PLR, helps you save time creating your content, because you buy the rights to modify, and claim ownership of the content you purchase. 

It's like your local grocery store. They often buy the same can of corn from the same manufacturer that produces the name brand can of corn. Your local grocer just puts their own brand labeling on it! 

Yep! And, it's legal!

What's included?

You'll get a new set of 3 private label rights content packs on a new topic!

See more about what each package includes.

1. Printables bundle

PLANNER PAGES - 7 new pages  every month including Daily, weekly, monthly, habit, budget, meal planner, and lists

JOURNAL PAGES - At least 5 journal design pages per month 

DAILY PROMPTS - at least 31 per month. 

CALENDAR- At least 5 different themed dated or undated calendar pages. 

COVERS- 2 suitable for printing (Etsy, personal sites). 

SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS - at least 5 social media post templates that match each month's journal in 1200 x 1200px good for Instagram & Facebook.

2. planner or journal

minimum of 20 unique pages (often more)

pdf, ppt, canva files

8.5 x 11 size and usually 11 x 8.5 or 6x9 in.

3. coloring pack

Typically 30 unique pages, and some packages have isolated figures too


8.5 x 11 in landscape or portrait 

 content to be included for january & February 2023

Side Show Circus Coloring pack

Winter Printables Kit


Dragons coloring pack

Las Vegas coloring pack

Spring Printables Kit


Turn the DAILY PLANNER PAGES into a daily gift for your list. 

Share the social media posters with links to your blog posts or to your products for sale. 

Turn the JOURNAL PROMPTS into a print on demand journal sold at Amazon or Etsy. 

Create a checklist of part of the prompts, add a title page, about the author, and recommended resources, so you'll have something that you can give away at the bottom of each blog post. 

Do the same as above, but sell the JOURNAL as a tripwire after they download your checklist.  This could be your entry level product that not only builds this paying customer list but also feeds into the rest of your product funnel. 

Create a 30-day group coaching program or interactive challenge based on the journaling prompts where you give them daily checkins via email or live video. 

Hand them the printable prompts, journal pages, and the daily planner pages to follow along with and have something to take away with them after the program runs its course. 

Create a personal coaching program based on the same info with more personalized suggestions for each client. 

Sell the COLORING PAGES individually on Etsy. 

Combine the COLORING PAGES with planner or journal templates to create something unique. 

Use the PLANNER PACK as a gift for podcast listeners to claim with a special code. 

Use the the information covered on the planner package to record 20 Facebook Live videos on the topic for your audience.

Hold a series of business webinars based on the BUNDLE CONTENT or the newest PLANNER PACK included in each month's content. 

Because this will now be your content, you can re-purpose it as many different times and in as many different formats as you see fit.

Hey there! I'm Jenn Brockman, and I created five years ago. Since then, I've been creating, brainstorming, and running this business to help others who need the resources to create an income. 

Join me and have fun with the templates and resources that I share inside this club. 


    This content is sold to you with a private label license. Also known as commercial use or white label or done for you. This generally means you get to use pre-made content as your own. But, do check the specific rights to any package you want to buy.

    - You may rewrite, tweak, add, remove and brand all elements as your own.
    - You may freely publish the content on your website, in your emails, newsletters, podcasts & videos.
    - You may bundle the content for sale or offer it in a membership site.
    - You may publish what you receive from anywhere that allows content created from Private Label Rights content.

    - Do not use my name or company name with your final products.
    - Do not pass along any Regifting, Reselling or Private Label Rights to others.
    See the terms of use for clarity.
    Basically, you can edit, rewrite, re-purpose, tweak, and change this content as you see fit.
    Use it on your website or blog.
    As part of your membership.
    Create a paid product or a lead magnet.
    Use it to run a coaching program or create a webinar.
    Use it to grow your reach and build engagement with your community.
    Add it to an Etsy store.
    Upload it to Amazon KDP.
    **You must download the content before the 1st of each month to guarantee access. I will have emails scheduled to remind you, but set an alarm or reminder of your own as emails don't always get seen.

    After purchase, you'll be directed via email to a member's area.

    Create your account.
    Log in, open the product.
    Download your zipped folder. Unzip the folder to access your files.

    You'll find Doc.x files for all elements of the content.
    You can use Google Docs or Microsoft Word to open the files.
    When Do I Receive The Content?

    You will receive the first PLR pack as soon as you sign up.
    Then each new month, your content will be added accessible by the 1st Thursday of the month.
    When Am I Billed?

    When you join, you will be billed every 30 days going forward, and your last payment is Feb. 2022.

    What If I Want To Cancel?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancel it in your PayPal account or shoot us an email and we'll be happy to handle it.

    You'll lose access to the content as soon as you cancel.
    So, download your files and store them somewhere safe!
    Due to the digital nature of this product and the private label rights in general, there is a No Refund policy.

***limited time only! ***

  • $27 today, then $27 for February 2023. This membership is closing forever in February 2023.
  • Cart open for 7 days only! Closes at midnight 01/7/2022.
  • Get access to 3 different packages, including private label rights. 

Yes Please! 

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Get 12 planner packs previously released in 2021. Each with: 

  • TWELVE - Different themed Planner Template packages with the following 
  • PAGES - 1. Daily 1. Weekly 1. Monthly 1. Habit 1. Budget 1. meal planner 1. List 
  • FILES - Powerpoint (color, editable) PDF (1 color, 1 grayscale, printable) 
  • SIZES - 8.5 x 11 inches. 8 x 10 inches. 6 x 9 inches.



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